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Our Capabilities

Your trusted partner for electronic manufacturing services


Custom PCB Assembly

FMC2E is a renowned industry leader in custom PCB assembly, backed by over 23 years of experience. As a comprehensive "one-stop-shop," we specialize in high-mix and complex printed circuit board assembly, catering to varying SMT, through-hole, and mechanical assembly requirements. Our custom PCB assembly capabilities encompass an array of sophisticated technologies, including:

  • BGA (Ball Grid Array)
  • Micro BGA
  • 0402 Package Size
  • PoP (Package on Package)
  • Fine Pitch (up to 0.3 mm)

SMT Assembly

With over 23 years’ experience, FMC2E  offers leading-edge capabilities for Surface Mount Technology (SMT) assembly. We provide high-mix, complex design assembly services, as well as high-volume assembly. Our SMT manufacturing lines are manned by a team of highly skilled professionals who are focused on continuous process improvement. This guarantees that all products are manufactured to the highest standards of workmanship, quality, and reliability.

Our SMT assembly capabilities include:

  • AOI (Automated Optical Inspection)
  • BGA (Ball Grid Array)
  • Fine Pitch (down to 0.3 mm)
  • Lead-Free/RoHS Compliant PCBA
  • Selective Soldering
  • 0402 Package Size Placement

Through-Hole Assembly

FMC2E  offers complete through-hole manufacturing capabilities, backed by over 30 years of experience in PCB manufacturing and assembly. Our skilled and experienced staff utilizes multiple selective solder lines, wave and hand soldering processes. We offer fast turnarounds for low- and high-volume orders, and guarantee that all products will meet the highest standards of workmanship, quality, and reliability.

Our through-hole assembly capabilities include:

  • Wave Soldering
  • Hand Soldering
  • Lead Forming & Trimming
  • Press Fit
  • Rework, Process & Verification

Cable & Harness Assembly

FMC2E  offers cable and harness assembly capabilities as part of our full-service, turnkey contract manufacturing. From simple grounding straps to complex harnesses to mechanical assemblies, we can manufacture a custom cable assembly that meets your exact specifications.

We utilize semi-automated crimping machines, continuity testing systems, and more to ensure that every cable harness assembly we create meets the highest standards of workmanship, quality, and reliability. No matter how complex your designs, or what quantities you require, we are your one-stop shop for custom cable assemblies.


Electro-Mechanical Assembly

FMC2E  offers complete, turnkey electro-mechanical assembly solutions. From board level assembly to sub-modules to final product assembly, we provide electro-mechanical assembly tailored to your unique specifications.

Operating as dedicated manufacturing cells, our teams are multi-skilled and trained in the latest lean manufacturing principles. We provide lot tracking and complete testing capabilities based on system level design, to ensure that every electro-mechanical assembly we produce meets the highest standards of workmanship, quality, and reliability.

We have over 23 years’ experience providing electro-mechanical assembly services for customers in a broad spectrum of industries and applications, from military and aerospace to medical, computing/communications, industrial, and more.


System Build

FMC2E  provides complete turnkey manufacturing and testing solutions for small/light through large/heavy system build and box build requirements. Our skilled, experienced staff and state-of-the-art equipment ensure that every system build meets the highest standards of workmanship, quality, and reliability. We have the expertise and flexibility to produce complete system builds for a wide range of industries and applications.

Our system build capabilities include:

  • Integrating multiple PCB assemblies
  • Enclosure system configuration
  • Sub-chassis assembly and testing
  • Cable & wire routing/installation
  • Complete mechanical assembly & configuration
  • Full system integration and testing


FMC2E  can handle your toughest test requirements. We currently have a dedicated, 500  meter square  testing lab working to meet our customers’ demanding needs. Our expert test engineers can perform a wide range of tests, from simple continuity testing to complete, functional PCBA or system level burn-in testing. These services can improve product quality, streamline the manufacturing process, and shorten the time-to-market (TTM).

Testing Capabilities:

  • Flying probe
  • J-TAG/boundary scan
  • Continuity/Functional
  • System level
  • Failure analysis
  • Test development